Thank you for taking time to visit the website! You've already taken a step in the right direction towards improving your health. Whether you have a new injury, an old injury, chronic pain, or a systemic issue, chiropractic can help to restore your nervous system, alleviate pain, improve muscle imbalances, and so much more! Young or old, we can help! TRY CHIROPRACTIC TODAY!

WHAT'S NEW:  Get ready for some new perspectives in the office for those that are physically active and wanting to move better.  We are bringing FMS certification into the office. FMS stands for Functional Movement Screen. Do you want to determine how to move better? It is our job to help you move better, so you can move more often! It is important to move properly to help avoid injury and allow you to reach optimal levels of performance. Are you interested in the assessment of how YOU move? Stay tuned in August for free screening times offered. #movebettermoveoften

LOCATIONS & HOURS -- Dr. Sarah has two locations to serve your needs. She is located in both Chatham & Blenheim. Patients are more than welcome in either office. Click for more info on her hours in each location.

EXTENDED HEALTH CARE: We can directly bill for the following EHC providers -- Greenshield, Great West Life, Manulife, Sun Life, Blue Cross, Johnsons , and a few more. Please present your card upon your initial visit.

COMING SOON: Stay tuned for some exciting clinic news, including the addition of Dr. Brian Sides, Chiropractor and husband of Dr. Sarah!